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Get To Know Me ...

Hello, so I’ve never kept a blog before partly because my life isn’t that interesting and partly because I’m really rubbish at writing regularly. Hopefully keeping this blog can help me to write more regularly and it will keep you all up to date with where I’m up to with my writing and in general. I might also use this space to express my views on the weird and wonderful things going on in the world around us and also to share my experiences from time to time. I post most of my ‘mundane’ life on Instagram, so if visuals are more your thing then keep up to date there @beingasteele and I’m getting better at using Twitter so you can also check out my wise words of wisdom there @BeingASteele.

Anyways, I’m aware that apart from being directed to my website by myself or a friend you may not know much about me apart from I’m a teacher and I’m an author. So I’ve written this blog post so that you can get to know a little bit more about me.


When did I start writing?

I started writing when I was in primary school I used to write little poems and short stories. When I left Primary school I made a book of poems and left them for my teachers, they told me that the book was kept in the staffroom for years, whether that’s true or not I don’t know, I think they liked it or maybe they were just being polite.

I then wrote bits and bobs through high school and college but it wasn’t until I went to university to study Journalism that I really started writing again. It was a bit of a release to just write for the fun of it rather than writing to complete an assignment. At university, I did a few copy-writing jobs for companies, the pay was rubbish and I didn’t enjoy what I was writing about but it got me used to using keywords and writing to deadlines and writing for an audience, and all those important things that writers need to be aware of.

A couple of years later, while studying my teaching degree, I discovered writing competitions online on websites like and I started entering those competitions. They were small competitions, some with cash prizes and some with a mentions and a ‘well done’, either way the experience got me back in to writing a range of things, poetry, flash fiction, short stories, children’s lit.

I won a competition for a Children’s book a few years ago. The competition was for The Oxford Festival of the Arts and they invited me to the festival to read my work but I was too scared, nervous etc. This is one of my biggest regrets and it was partly that experience that made me decided that if I ever get the opportunity to share my creative writing, art work, whatever – I was going to do it and scream it from the rooftops and not live with regrets. As it was that lack of confidence in myself that held me back for so long, so here I am sharing it all.


Quick Fire Questions Authors: Nicola Yoon, Estelle Maskame, Malorie Blackman, Jackie Collins, Karen Mc Manus TV: Mean Girls, Gossip Girl, I may Destroy you, Line of Duty, Little Fires Everywhere, New Girl Places: My house, Jamaica, Barcelona, Morocco, Chester Books: Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine, Queenie, Finding Audrey, The Sun is also a star and the DIMILY series. Hobbies: Writing (obv), reading, travelling, changing my hair, exercising, dancing (badly), spending time with my family.

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